29th December 2023

Life has a funny way of turning out differently to how we expect it. When faced with the unpredictable twists and turns of fate, it is comforting to have the support of the right protection cover for your needs. 

Rising bills reinforce need for protection 

Increased household bills, mortgage and rent costs, mean that protection is more important than ever right now. Have you considered how you would be able to afford your monthly outgoings if your family were to lose the income of the primary earner through death or illness? 

Longer-term mindset 

In response to these challenging conditions, some households are considering reducing their level of protection – and are therefore at risk of leaving themselves vulnerable to financial shocks. 

It may seem tempting to save a few pounds a month by cancelling or postponing taking out cover. But there is a risk that, should the worst-case scenario strike, you and/or your family will be left in a difficult financial position. 

Support for your wellbeing as well 

Did you know – mental health issues are one of the top reasons for claiming under income protection? One leading provider1 paid £6m in income protection claims last year of which a third (£1.91m) related to mental health claims. Many life and critical illness policies also include support services for mental health issues. 


Protection is an essential part of long-term financial planning for everybody. Having the right insurance cover for your unique needs is an indispensable financial and wellbeing safety net for you and your loved ones. 

1Zurich, 2023