What’s your life admin personality type?

18th May 2022

When it comes to mundane but crucial organisation tasks – what life admin personality type are you?

Do you tend to have an ‘I’ll do it later’ approach to tasks? If you live in the moment and avoid life admin completely, tend to run late, lack motivation or structure, resulting in poor organisation – you certainly fall in the ‘procrastinator’ trait set. Or perhaps you’re a ‘wishful thinker’, biting off more than you can chew; well-intended and attempting completion of tasks on your to-do list but often falling short or failing to complete tasks in time.

The ‘forward thinker’ operates by ordering priorities. Possessing strong time management and organisational skills, making use of to-do lists and achieving. The good news is – whatever type of personality trait applies to you, we’re forward thinkers so you’re in capable hands!